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10 Painful Iphone Mistakes To Avoid Right Now

Description of 10 Painful Iphone Mistakes To Avoid Right Now

Typical mistakes when using your iPhone can damage the device.
We make painful iPhone mistakes every day. This is harmful to your device and can, for example, shorten the service life of the battery in a short time. However, mistakes can be avoided. We are therefore introducing 10 iPhone errors to you in this article. The dealer may pay a commission for links on this page, e.g. for with or green underline. More info.
iPhone errors can be avoided
In order for your iPhone to last longer, some settings are particularly important. Because certain habits, such as completely discharging the battery, damage the device. We have put together 10 of the most important iPhone errors for you so that you do not step in the wrong place and damage your iPhone through ignorance.
1. Charge the battery: Not too full and not too empty
If the battery of your iPhone is too full or too empty, it will be damaged. Your battery will last the longest if it stays between 20 and 80 percent. Therefore, do not discharge your iPhone to 0 percent and do not recharge it to 100 percent. For example, charge it when your battery is down to 20 percent. Disconnect it from the power grid as soon as 80 percent is reached. You can also make the appropriate settings to ensure that your battery is optimally charged. To do this, go to Settings> Battery> Battery status. Make the appropriate settings here that are tailored to your needs.
2. Save energy with dark mode
Use the dark mode. This saves energy and extends the battery life. If you don't want to use dark mode during the day because the contrast is too stressful for your eyes, just set it to automatic. Go to "Display & Brightness" or "Display & Brightness" in the settings and press the button next to "Automatic". Your iPhone will now switch to dark mode after sunset and stay bright during the day. By the way: Set the brightness to "Automatic". This also saves your battery.
3. Deactivate notifications
The more apps you have, the more notifications you'll see. This is not only annoying for you, it can also gnaw at the battery life. Turn off notifications on the apps you never use, for example. To do this, go to "Notifications" in the settings and adjust the notifications for the individual apps here. By the way : If the battery no longer works despite all the settings, it is worth changing the iPhone battery .
4. Empty the storage space from time to time
To save your battery and avoid problems with your iPhone, you should free up the memory every now and then. Delete any apps that you no longer need. Remove files that are taking up space but are no longer needed. You can tell if your memory is too full when your device slows down a little. To check the storage space, go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage.
In order for your iPhone to last longer, you should avoid common mistakes.
5. Alternative appearance for Face ID
If your iPhone has problems recognizing you, the login process will take longer. This slows down your iPhone and drains power. For example, if you change your appearance more often by having a new hairstyle or growing a beard over and over again and then removing it again, problems will arise. To ensure that your device continues to work properly and does not slow down, go to "Face ID & Code" in the settings. Configure an alternative appearance for yourself here.
6. Website tracking
If you open a certain website on the Internet, it may, for example, want to access your microphone, your location or your camera. This puts a strain on your battery and makes the system slower. Switch off tracking by going to "Safari" in the settings. There, choose to be asked every time whether the website can access your location, microphone or camera. By the way : You shouldn't share the location with everyone either. In the settings, determine which app can access your location and which cannot. To do this, go to “Settings> Privacy> Location Services”.
7. Install updates regularly
Regular updates are important to ensure that your system stays on the ball and works properly. So that you don't forget that, it is best to activate the automatic updates. To do this, go to “General Software update” Automatic updates" in the settings. Activate "Install iOS updates" or "Download iOS updates" here.
8. Use iPhone storage for Safari
Another mistake when using the iPhone is the iCloud storage. Here you only have 5 GB available. If you download something from the Internet, it will be saved in the iCloud. The online memory is full after a short time. It is therefore best to save your files on the iPhone. You just go to “Safari> Downloads” in the settings. Activate "On my iPhone" here.
9. Don't close apps
Contrary to what you might think, closing and reopening your apps consumes more battery than if you left them open. The apps have now been optimized so that you'd better leave them open to save your battery. If you closed the app and opened it again, your device would require more energy.
10. Clean the Lightning port regularly
Clean the socket for the charging cable regularly. This will prevent problems that could arise while charging your device. For example, use a cotton swab or a wooden toothpick to remove the dust. We'll explain how to properly clean your iPhone in another post.